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CAD Software (2D, 3D & Rendering)

ActCAD is a 2D Drafting & 3D Modeling CAD software meant for Engineers, Architects, and DIY Home Enthusiasts. Its simple, intuitive screen interface makes it easy for first-time users of CAD to become competent and confident operators quickly and easily. The extensive library of embedded Training Videos helps novices get a jump-start with the Software. Old hands at CAD will be instantly comfortable with our products. ActCAD products incorporate the latest IntelliCAD 10 version as their Core Engine, while adding a host of new commands and productivity tools creates a uniquely versatile professional product. ActCAD Products Licenses are valid in perpetuity with no annual fees, despite being very attractively affordable. Licenses are available in three modes for any product. A Key-Based license can be transferred by the owner between different computers using the Internet. A USB Dongle-based License makes transfer between different computers even more easy by turning the License into a portable physical key (the Dongle). The last option is a Network Floating License meant for environs having a Local Area Network (LAN) whereby any team member can access the program software over the LAN. ActCAD Software is marketed in three versions – Standard (2D), Professional (2D and 3D Modelling), and BIM (For Architects, Interior Designers and Civil Constructors).

ActCAD 2021 Professional Video

ActCAD 2021 professional video


ActCAD Product Licenses are valid in perpetuity, with no annual subscriptions. Upgrades are optional, while product support never expires. Incredible value at an attractive and affordable cost. Try (free), Believe, and Buy.


ActCAD has many add-on features like LH Sections Creation, Units Converter, Drawings Auditor, Batch File Converter, Attributes Extractor, Block Library with over 5000 symbols, and more.


ActCAD is now available with Artisan Professional Rendering Package at no extra cost. Photo-realistic Rendering, 360° Viewing, Lights, Materials, and more.


ActCAD offers free Technical Support to all its users - no need to buy any Support Packs. Submit Support Tickets directly from ActCAD or on Support Page. Queries will be answered by next working day or earlier.


ActCAD allows License Transfer from one computer to another using simple command over the Internet. There is no limit on number of transfers and number of computers. One license can be floated between multiple computers.

API Customization

ActCAD users can develop their custom programs to work inside ActCAD using .NET, SDS, LISP, DCL and C++ languages. API kit comes with many sample programs and solutions. Free support not applicable on Customization tools.


You can open any vector PDF file directly and edit the entities in ActCAD. Raster images also can be converted directly to DXF in ActCAD.


ActCAD comes with a Block Library with over 5000 symbols in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural, Structural, and other domains. Double click any symbol and insert into your drawing.


ActCAD is easy to learn and use. ActCAD incorporates a User Interface, Commands, Icons, and Shortcuts like those used by most popular CAD programs.

Native DWG & DXF Files

ActCAD support native *.dwg & *.dxf file formats from R2 to latest 2021 versions. No file conversion is needed, and hence, there is no data loss.

features of actcad intellicad 9.1

What's new in ActCAD 2021?

Support for 2021 dwg & dxf files
Dynamic Screen Input
IntelliCAD 10 Engine & ODA 20.12 Libraries
New material library for Objects and Layers
New Visual styles
Import OBJ & STL Files
All new Geometric Technology
OpenGL ES Graphics Technology
2D & 3D Anti-aliasing
All new Start Page with Create & Learn Tabs
Support for Table Formulae
New Spot and Point Lights in 3D
ActCAD 2021 supports Gradient Colors and Image Backgrounds
Several improvements to Printing and Plotting
Several improvements to User Interface and Icons
New BIM features: Roofs, Beams, Mitered Joints, explode BIM underlays
Several improvements to Features and Performance
Improved PDF to CAD Conversion Technology
Improved MText formatting, 4K Display, closed entities to Solids etc.
Introduced BIM PROPERTIES & BIM UNITS Commands
SYSVAR IMPORT & EXPORT and Improved sysvar dialogue
Introduce MIGRATEUI to import customized user interface
Improved HOLETABLE command
Selection Grips for solid models
Tool Palettes Navigate for quick access
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Top Reasons to Choose ActCAD CAD Software

Economical: Very Low Life-time Price

Easy to use: Familiar interface, commands & Icons

Best Performance: True power of 64bit & Multi-threading

Artisan 3D Renderer: Create Photo-realistic

ActCAD Converter: Batch Auditing & File Conversions

Native DWG & DXF File Formats: All versions from R2 to 2021

PDF Support: 3D PDF Export, 2D PDF Import & Export

Raster to Vector: Image to DXF Converter

Block Library: Over 5000 Blocks included, add your own too

Many add-ons: Fully loaded commands and add-on tools

Fully Loaded: Almost close to other Expensive CAD Software

Many File Formats: DWG, DXF, DGN, DWF, SVG, PDF, OBJ, STEP, IGES, etc.


I have been very impressed with ACTCAD and will of course recommend it to my friends and colleagues!

Dr Alexander Carnes, United Kingdom

Many thanks! I am very happy to hear the new improvements 2017! Even now ActCAD 2016 works very fine!

Miroslav Marekovic, Austria

Thank you for your help! It is very nice to have a good program to produce drawings that is not too expensive!

Christopher Nagy, USA

I want a third license of ActCAD Standard. I want to know if you can gave a discount. Also I want to know if the upgrade for version 2021 is available like you said in the previous email for all my licenses. Thanks.

Alejandro Marrero, Puerto Rico

Programs seems solid so far. I purchased one license to start just waiting on you guys to send it.

Jay Espelien, USA

Add-on Features of ActCAD

Open PDF and edit natively in ActCAD
Image to DXF Converter
Block Library with over 5000 Symbols
Import PSD Point Cloud Data (Binary & ASCII)
ActCAD DWG - DXF - DGN Converter
Drawings Auditor in Batch Mode
Extract Block Attributes to Excel
LH Sections Drawing Creation
Artisan Professional 3D Renderer
Units Converter
Hole Table
Table Export

ActCAD Software Reviews

actcad software reviews