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ActCAD 2022 Update 1219 Released Dt.:15-Dec-2021

ActCAD announces the release of its new version 1219 for ActCAD 2022 Prime and ActCAD 2022 Standard products.

ActCAD 2022 BIM and ActCAD 2022 Professional can now upgrade to ActCAD 2022 Prime.

This is a general maintenance release of 2022 version. Below is a list of improvements:

  • Fixed Regen hang issues with WINGLES graphics device
  • Fixed the issue of FONTALT set to "." in a particular drawing
  • Fixed some prompts not match in some dimension commands
  • Fixed entprop restore "Quick Select" alternative to "Selection Filter"
  • Fixed the save issue of a problematic drawing
  • Fixed default rotation angle in Attach External Reference dialog depends on ANGBASE
  • Fixed incorrect snapping to 3d solids and meshes in some visual styles
  • Fixed incorrect file search order makes most of basic commands broken
  • Fixed reload issue of XREFs on SAVE & PRINT
  • Fixed explorer crash issue in a particular drawing
  • Fixed double-click editing of OLE entity
  • Fixed too dark color on the white background
  • Fixed MTEXT some spelling tool issues
  • Fixed the issue of Revit file link / reference
  • Fixed wrong tab bar placement in MTEXT editor
  • Fixed some visualization issue in MTEXT editor

The new versions are available from ActCAD download page. Existing users can use Check for updates command to get the latest version.

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ActCAD offers several benefits as mentioned below:

Low Life-time Price

ActCAD licenses are perpetual and globally valid. License Price starts from USD199.

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ActCAD offers Key Based, Network Floating, USB Dongle and Live License types. Self Licenes Transfer available.

High Speed

ActCAD 2022 delivers high speed zoom, pan and snap operations. Smooth handling of large drawings.

Easy to Learn & Use

ActCAD has very similar interface and command like AutoCAD®. No special learning needed.

Fully Functional

ActCAD comes with complete drafting and modeling functionalities for creation and editing of drawings.

Many File Formats

ActCAD supports many file formats like dwg, dxf, dgn, step, iges, stl, svg, obj, sat, shape files etc.

Free API Toolkit

ActCAD offers customization support for languages like LISP,,, VC++ IRX, SDS etc. Sample codes & Developers Help available.

Free Tutorials

ActCAD users get video tutorials for all important commands, quick start guide, getting started video module, PDF manual, CHM help etc.

Free Technical Support

ActCAD offers free Technical Support to all its users through Emails and Ticket system. No need to buy any support packs.

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