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ActCAD 2022 Update 742 Released Dt.:05-Nov-2021

ActCAD 2022 New update 742 released for Standard, Professional and BIM products.

It is a minor release with below improvements:

  • Added the ability to restore PDF Publish Options after restart
  • Added the ability to publish using DWG to PDF.pc3 printer
  • Implemented tooltips for sheet lists combo-box in Publish Dialog
  • Fixed incorrect print device field for PDF / DWF / DWFx modes
  • Fixed save and validation issues during publish operation
  • Fixed ActCAD Updater issues which occasionally fails during patch update
  • Fixed freezing issues with zoom in perspective mode
  • Disabled columns button in MTEXT
  • Fixed incorrect interaction between MTEXT editor and locked viewport
  • Fixed font display problem compared to Other CAD
  • Fixed certain crash issue while loading external applications
  • Updated ODA dwg libraries

The new versions are available from here.


What Solutions We Provide to Our Valued Customers

User Interface

Both classic menu style and modern ribbon style interfaces are available

DWG & DXF Versions

All dwg and dxf versions from early R2.5 to latest 2022 are supported.

Image/PDF Printing

Apart from local printers, drawing can be printed to Image and PDF formats using .pc3 printers

Annotative Scales

Annotative scales are supported in both model space and paper space to maintain differnt text heights


Create and edit blocks including Attributes


Insert external drawings into current drawing as XREF through XREF manager.


ActCAD supports DWG, PDF, dWF & DGN underlays into current drawing.


ActCAD supports Object Linking & Embedding (OLE) for various types like xls, doc, pdf etc.

MTEXT Editor

Most powerful MTEXT editor with several options with on screen editing option.

Arc Aligned Text

Create text along arcs either inside or outside with multiple adjustments

Filed Dialog

Using field dialog all drawing fields can be editing similar to other CAD.

Point Clouds

Import point cloud data directly to ActCAD with one click. Formats supported are .rcp & .rcs

Multiple Languages

ActCAD supports 18 International languages, simply type UILANG and set the desired value

Custom Programs

Use existing LISP programs directly in ActCAD, or develop your own programs using our API toolkit

Express Tools

Express tools menu and tab available for blocks, text, dimensions, layout, entity data and other tools.

ActCAD Explorer

Powerful explore to manage styles, layers, colors, blocks etc. in built into the software.

Dimension Styles

Create and manage various dimension styles to control a set of dimension properties from one place.

Text Styles

Create and manage various text styles inside the drawing from format menu to manage properties globally.

Print Styles

Define new print styles interactively inside ActCAD. It supports .ctb & .stb files supported

Point Styles

Several point styles are predefined in ActCAD to apply a particular style to points inside the drawing.

Line Types

Many predefined line types are available, add your line types in .lin files of install directory

Hatch Types

Many predefined hatch pattensrs available for both ISO and ANSI standards, add your own shapes in .pat files of install directory

Layers Manager

Very user-friendly layers manager to control, display, colors, plot settings etc. ActCAD supports unlimited number of layers.

3D Modeling

View wireframe or ACIS 3D Solids. Create new 3D shapes using various wireframe modeling commands for primitives and swept features.