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ActCAD 2022 Update 742 Released Dt.:05-Nov-2021

ActCAD 2022 New update 742 released for Standard, Professional and BIM products.

It is a minor release with below improvements:

  • Added the ability to restore PDF Publish Options after restart
  • Added the ability to publish using DWG to PDF.pc3 printer
  • Implemented tooltips for sheet lists combo-box in Publish Dialog
  • Fixed incorrect print device field for PDF / DWF / DWFx modes
  • Fixed save and validation issues during publish operation
  • Fixed ActCAD Updater issues which occasionally fails during patch update
  • Fixed freezing issues with zoom in perspective mode
  • Disabled columns button in MTEXT
  • Fixed incorrect interaction between MTEXT editor and locked viewport
  • Fixed font display problem compared to Other CAD
  • Fixed certain crash issue while loading external applications
  • Updated ODA dwg libraries

The new versions are available from here.


Highlights of ActCAD Software Licensing

  • Licenses are perpetual and valid for life-time
  • Licenses are valid globally
  • Self License Transfer option available
  • Instant delivery of License Key(s)
  • Unique and Proprietary Licensing Technologies

License Types

1. Key Based License

  1. A unique serial number will be provided for Software activation over internet
  2. License can be transferred to some other computer using "License Transfer" command
  3. There is no limit on number of License Transfers
  4. Internet connection needed during activation and deactivation
  5. One license will work only in computer at a given point of time
  6. Offline activation is supported in case internet connection not available in client computer
  7. No need to connect user computer to Local Network
  8. License usage details can be monitored on Client Login portal
actcad self license transfer

2. Dongle Based License

  1. USB Dongle will be sent physically to client
  2. Install software in any Windows based computer, connect USB dongle and use the software
  3. Dongle can be shifted to any computer and no need to uninstall/reinstall the software
  4. No need to contact us even if the computer is formatted or crashed
  5. No need of internet or LAN connection
  6. If USB dongle is damaged, a new USB dongle can be purchased. But if dongle is lost, client needs to buy new license

3. Network Floating License

  1. License(s) can be used in Local Area Network
  2. Network license server can be activated using either License Keys or USB Dongle
  3. One License will work in any one computer in network at a given point of time
  4. Any regular computer can be used as ActCAD Network License Server
  5. Windows Server OS is also supported

4. Live License

  1. License is controlled by ActCAD Cloud License Server
  2. Authorize upto Five Computers per License in Client Login area
  3. One License will work in any one computer over internet at a given point of time
  4. No need of activation or deactivation
  5. Install software in any computer, add that computer to client login area, and use it
  6. Once you exit ActCAD, license will be transferred back to cloud server automatically
  7. License can be used in any global location
  8. This method is ideal for changing work locations
  9. Internet connection is needed always in client computer for License Communication