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ActCAD 2022 Update 742 Released Dt.:05-Nov-2021

ActCAD 2022 New update 742 released for Standard, Professional and BIM products.

It is a minor release with below improvements:

  • Added the ability to restore PDF Publish Options after restart
  • Added the ability to publish using DWG to PDF.pc3 printer
  • Implemented tooltips for sheet lists combo-box in Publish Dialog
  • Fixed incorrect print device field for PDF / DWF / DWFx modes
  • Fixed save and validation issues during publish operation
  • Fixed ActCAD Updater issues which occasionally fails during patch update
  • Fixed freezing issues with zoom in perspective mode
  • Disabled columns button in MTEXT
  • Fixed incorrect interaction between MTEXT editor and locked viewport
  • Fixed font display problem compared to Other CAD
  • Fixed certain crash issue while loading external applications
  • Updated ODA dwg libraries

The new versions are available from here.

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